The practice of Yin Yoga is awesome because it brings you back to yoga’s ancient meditative roots. It seems like a simple practice by looking at someone who is doing a position, but it isn’t that easy because there is so much that is happening on the inside during a yin yoga class. In yin, the postures must allow muscles to relax, and this is because to access the deeper parts of the body known as the connective tissue, the muscles need to be completely relaxed or at least as relaxed as possible. To understand Yin Yoga better, we have to go back in time to the Taoist tradition. For the Taoist, everything exists in duality called the Yin and the Yang. They exist only because of one another. Basically, without Up, there is no down; without sadness, there is no joy, etc…. To appreciate something, you need to be able to see the opposite.

Yang is the more masculine and aggressive energy, while the yin is the more feminine and softer accepting self. When we begin to soften ourselves in the yin yoga practice, things become clearer, and we can notice what is happening in our bodies. It is accepting surrendering to the posture and stillness and allowing the body to open up on its terms without forcing anything. This allows one to get deep within their mind and observe what is there. Through the practice, clarity sets place, and this offers insights, peace, and calmness, which in return helps someone to heal their past traumas. The Yin yoga practice allows the practitioner to tap into their calm and restorative parasympathetic nervous system; once we have allowed the body to find its natural way to settle into each posture, we can learn one variable lesson. The lesson of allowing things to be just as they are; without judgment or emotional attachment. During the long holds that yin yoga forces us into, we can just be with what is, and that is the true power of Yin!

Going back to the parasympathetic nervous system, this is where we go to rest and renew ourselves. For this to happen, we need to disconnect from the stress and busyness of life, and this is exactly what Yin Yoga forces us to do. The parasympathetic nervous system is the natural state of the nervous system when we feel safe in our lives. Nowadays, we are often in a fight or flight response due to the high stress and high demand that society places on us. This can keep us in patterns of hurt, anxiety, fear, and stress which prevents us from healing our past traumas. By forcing ourselves to relax and cultivate this acceptance of just being with what is, we can start to heal and accept our past, which allows us to relieve a huge burden on our shoulders and move forward.

From a physical standpoint, yin yoga can help us release deeply-held trauma. Looking at our whole body, we can see that some aspects are more yin and some are more yang. Yang is represented by the more striving parts of our physical body like the muscles and yin is held by our more accepting and less active parts like our connective tissues.

Connective tissues take on many different forms in the body. It is the tissue that holds bones together but also the muscles to the bones and the internal organs in place. It is basically the web that forms and connects all aspects of the human body. Connective tissues have their own intelligence and memory associated to them. It is listening and remembering our every thought and experience. The traumas we experience in life are not just held in our memory but also deeply in our connective tissues. Going back to the concept of yin and yang, just like trauma can exist in our tissues, healing is also there as well. When we allow our muscles to relax and our physical and emotional attention to focus on the body’s deep connective tissues, we can begin to release the traumas and access the healing part that is our natural state. Yin yoga can work in similar ways to acupressure.

It is this reconnection to ourselves that allows us to access the healing part of our bodies, and this happens on its own through the yin yoga practice over time. It doesn’t take much more than one yin yoga session to feel the benefits right away and understand the power that it can have in someone’s life and the power it has to heal. If you want to give this a try, I recommend doing one of my most successful and popular trauma healing classes on Youtube for free. Check it out down here.